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Adding touch types

touch type is a form of communication or interaction with a contact that can be scheduled to build a relationship with the contact. You must specify activity templates, reporting periods, and a set of intervals for each touch type.

Activity templates define the types of activities that users can create to count as a touch in NexJ CRM. You can specify document, email, schedule item, and task activities. The reporting period defines the type of period that displays on user's Service Level Management dashboard. For example, a Review touch type with a quarterly reporting period shows touches for the current quarter on the graph on a user's SLM dashboard. The set of intervals indicates which intervals a user can select when configuring a contact's service model on the Contacts workspace.

To add a touch type:

  1. Navigate to the Service Level Management page.
  2. Click the Touch Types tab.
  3. Above the touch types list, click the Add button The Add Touch Type dialog opens.
  4. In the Detail tab, define touch type properties:
    1. In the Name field, enter the display name for the service level in NexJ CRM. In the Description field, enter a description for other administrators in NexJ Admin Console.
    2. In the Reporting Period field, select the type of period that displays on the service level management dashboard in NexJ CRM.
  5. In the Activity Templates tab, define the activity templates that will be available to users in NexJ CRM for the touch type. For each activity template you want to configure for the touch type, do the following:
    1. Click the Add button The Add Touch Type Configuration dialog opens.
    2. In the Activity Template field, click the Select button  to open the Select Activity Template dialog. Select the activity template to include in this touch type and click OK.
    3. In the Default value field, select the initial value for the Touches checkbox in activities created from this template in NexJ CRM. Select one of the following values:
      • On, not editable
        The Touches checkbox will be selected and read-only. This means that this activity will always update the tracking system for this type.
      • Off, editable
        The Touches checkbox will be cleared, but editable.
      • On, editable
        The Touches checkbox will be selected, but editable.
    4. In the Show checkbox field, choose whether to show or hide the Touches checkbox in the activities created from this template.

      This setting does not affect whether the touch tracking is actually updated.

    5. Click OKThe Add Touch Type Configuration dialog closes.
  6. In the Detail tab and in the Valid Intervals area, define the intervals that you want to make available to users in NexJ CRM:
    1. Click the Select button The Valid Intervals dialog opens.
    2. Use Add to move the intervals that you want to make available to users from the left column to the right column.
    3. Click OKThe Valid Intervals dialog closes.

The touch type is created.

If you want to complete touches using NexJ Add-In, you must enable the ShowSLMTouchTypes registry key, and you must add the email activity template to the touch type using NexJ Admin Console.