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Running ad hoc reports

Run an ad hoc report to generate a report that you can view in NexJ CRM and export to multiple file formats to save and share. You determine the content of the report by setting up the fields and filters that meet your specific reporting requirements.

To run an ad hoc report, in the library in the Ad Hoc Reports workspace, right-click the report to run, then select Run. The report generates and displays in the current window.

After you generate a report, you can:

  • Access controls to format, filter, and sort information in a column by clicking the column in the report. The controls display above the column heading.
  • Modify input controls for the report by clicking the Options button. Input controls allow you to filter the report and change how the report displays. For example, set input controls to filter a report by a specific date range and display the report as a single unbroken page.

    The available input controls for a report vary based on the report configuration.

  • Search for text in the report by entering text in the search field, then clicking the search button. Matching text is highlighted in the report. You can search for the next or previous match in the report by clicking the next and previous buttons.
  • Save the report in NexJ CRM by clicking the Save As button. You provide a name and description for the report and specify the folder in which to save the report.

    Do not use an ampersand in the saved name for the report. Due to a TIBCO JasperReports Server limitation, if you save the report with an ampersand you will be unable to open the report later.

    You can access saved reports from the library and repository in the Ad Hoc Reports workspace.

  • Export the report from NexJ CRM by hovering over the Export button and selecting the format in which to export the report, such as PDF or Excel. Columns in exported reports retain their formatting, filters, and sort order.

To close the report and navigate back to the library, click Library.

NexJ CRM uses JasperReports Server to provide an ad hoc reporting system. For more information about using JasperReports Server, see the Jaspersoft community documentation at