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Modifying stages

Modify stages in an opportunity template when you want to edit their details, rearrange stages, or delete stages.

If the opportunity template has been used to create an opportunity in NexJ CRM, you can no longer modify its existing stages.

To modify stages in an opportunity template:

  1. Navigate to the Customize workspace.
  2. In the Opportunity Management tab, click the Templates subtab.
  3. In the templates list, select the opportunity template in which you want to modify stages.
  4. In the detail area, click the Stages tab, then click the Select button . The Edit Opportunity Template Stages dialog opens.
  5. Make your desired changes to the stages.
    • To edit a stage, click the corresponding Edit button for the stage.

      Editing a stage allows you to make changes only to its details. If you want to make changes to its related activities, you do this from the Stage Steps area.

    • To change the order in which stages occur, click the corresponding Move Up  or Move Down   button for the stage. The order of stages in the list is the order in which they occur as the opportunity progresses.
    • To delete a stage, click the corresponding Remove button for the stage.

      This action cannot be undone.

  6. Click OK to save your changes to the stages. The Edit Opportunity Template Stages dialog closes.

The stages for the opportunity template are modified.