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Parameterized text

Add parameterized text to a field in a page, section, or question when you want to include personalized information or URLs in the field. Parameterized text is a type of inline token that you can use to populate a field with information from a contact, KYC, company, or opportunity record, or to include a selectable link to a URL.

You can include parameterized text in the Title, Subtitle, Header, and Footer fields of pages, the Title and Subtitle fields of sections, and the Body and Label fields of questions.

To use parameterized text to pull information from NexJ CRM, enter ${[target:] firstField secondField ... lastField}. For example, enter ${client: firstName lastName} to populate a field with the first and last name of the client, pulled from their contact record.

You can also use this syntax to display URLs as links.

  • To display a website's address as a link, enter ${url}{/url}.
  • To display a website's name as a link, enter ${}Website Title{/url}.

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